Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CReATE highlighted on Utah Public Radio

Nonprofits in Utah were highlighted today on Utah Public Radio, including CReATE, the wheelchair re-utilization program of UATP located in Salt Lake. 

CReATE inventory of wheelchairs.

Tom Boman, CReATE coordinator, gave an overview of the program and talked about how community members can participate and benefit from the program. Hear the story on UPR, with Tom's interview starting at 39:45 minutes. 

If you are interested in donating wheelchairs and scooters to CReATE, call 80-887-9398. For monetary donations, learn more on our website

Learn about volunteering at CReATE. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

UATP director talks Assistive Technology on Utah Public Radio

UATP director Sachin Pavithran
UATP director Sachin Pavithran
Today on Utah Public Radio, UATP director and U.S. Access Board chair Sachin Pavithran talked with host Tom Williams about assistive technology and why it is important to dream big about the future. Listen to the interview, starting at 32:30, at UPR

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cardboard and PVC pipe put together with love

Tri-wall cardboard and PVC pipe can give many commercial assistive technology devices a run for the money.

Certainly that was the case when the Utah Assistive Technology Lab built a specialized chair in partnership with the Utah Center for Assistive Technology (UCAT) for four-year-old Emma.

Emma needed a device that would support her posture while sitting so she can work on developmental activities. UCAT's super handyman Ed Whiting sent Emma's measurements to Clay Christensen at the AT Lab.

Using tri-wall cardboard, Clay built a reclined v-back floor sitter made specifically for her height and size. Also built was a tray using cardboard and PVC pipe to fit the size of the chair, providing Emma a platform to eat and play on.

In the rough: a v-back tri-wall chair built by the AT Lab.
In the rough: a v-back tri-wall chair built by the AT Lab.
The chair was then sent to UCAT for phase two, where the chair and tray were painted and a harness was added. 

UCAT finished the chair and tray table.
UCAT finished the chair and tray table.

 Then it was try time. The device fit Emma perfectly, and best of all, the device is lightweight making it easier to travel with than a heavy wood or plastic model. 

4-year-old Emma in her new chair.
4-year-old Emma in her new chair.

A few hours on each organizations part, and $10 to $20 of materials provided a much-needed device. Similar products bought commercially range from $300 to $500.