Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Volunteer trip to CReATE a success

Several pizzas and donuts later last Thursday, a group of volunteers helped CReATE (Citizens Reutilizing Assistive Technology Equipment) earn $700 and a clean warehouse.

CReATE, a program of UATP, is located in Salt Lake City. The program helps Utahns by providing refurbished mobility devices at an affordable cost. The warehouse runs on donated devices from the community. Lately, an influx of donations had the warehouse overflowing.

A group of eight volunteers from the Center for Persons with Disabilities went to CReATE to help clear out unusable scooters and wheelchairs to be recycled, as well as take usable parts off otherwise obsolete devices. Such parts included batteries and wheels.

The work was dirty and greasy, but resulted in 6,000 pounds of devices being recycled, generating $700 dollars for CReATE. With a clean warehouse, CReATE technician, Zachary Thompson, can concentrate on refurbishing mobility devices for clients.

Also joining the group was CReATE client Larry O'Sullivan. The Australian native is a real estate agent in the Salt Lake area who uses a mobility device to get around after a double-leg amputation. O'Sullivan is an advocate for CReATE and amputees every in Utah.

Larry O'Sullivan, a CReATE client, joined the crew for
lunch and to discuss ideas on how to improve CReATE.

Daniel Roberts, AT Lab Assistant, takes
apart a power wheelchair to salvage parts.
How many guys does it take to
dismantle a scooter? Six apparently.

Utah State University students from the IDASL
(Interdisciplinary Disability Awareness and Service Learning )
class volunteered to help with recycling day.
The volunteer team after a day of
hard, dirty labor in the CReATE warehouse.
From left to right: Macedonio and Lupita Damian, IDASL students;
Clay Christensen, AT Lab coordinator; Mike Moreno, AT Lab assistant;
Alma Burgess, CReATE program coordinator; Daniel Roberts, AT Lab assistant;
Shane Johnson, CPD development officer; Zachary Thompson, CReATE technician.

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