Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AT Lab modifies a stroller to serve as a bike for boy

Felipe needed to get some more basic movement into his everyday life, according to UATP occupational therapist, Amy Henningsen.

Felipe in his new stroller bike with his mom, brother
and Tom (far left) who modified the device.
However, he's not able to do it himself because of some disabilities. His mother, Maria, likes to take the family for walks and bike rides, but this limits Felipe's actual physical participation. The Utah Assistive Technology Lab took on the challenge to get Felipe moving.

A recreational stroller was modified to act as a bike for Felipe as he sat in the stroller. As the stroller is pushed, the pedals move his legs. To do this, AT Lab assistant, Tom Bowman, took a child's bike and cut the front half off of it.

AT Lab assistant Tom Bowman
works on Felipe's bike stroller.
He then attached the small wheel over the front wheel of the stroller, so the front wheel propels the top wheel, which in turn moves the pedals that Felipe's feet are strapped into. Tom said the bike required new pedals and a specially built chain guard, but it worked.

Felipe smiles as his mom, Maria, pushes
him in the new stroller bike.
After a few coats of bright paint, the device was ready. Felipe, his mom Maria, and his little brother came to test it out at the AT Lab.

The stroller bike was a success for Maria and Felipe. Felipe can now participate in walks in bike rides with his family, and he's moving muscles he couldn't otherwise do on his own.

Tom said, "This project was a challenge, but to see the smile on his face made it more than worth it."

See all the photos on UATP's Facebook page.

Do you have a need for a special AT device? If you're a Utahn with a disability, call the AT Lab at 435-797-0699, ext. 1.

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