Thursday, May 22, 2014

Microsoft OS Accessibility Tip

By Clay Christensen
AT Lab Coordinator

If you use the Microsoft Operating System on your computer, you will be excited to learn about the Ease of Access Center.

Computer users at the AT Lab.
This is little treat that is part of Microsoft that many do not know about, but offers great accessibility options for those with low-vision or blindness.

To access the center, go to 'programs' and in the file search, type 'ease'. It will give you the option of opening the Ease of Access Center and there you will find a magnifier, on-screen keyboard, screen narrator, and contrast settings.

If you scroll down you will find more options such as setting up other alternative devices and adjustments that can be made to the mouse for those with physical disabilities.

The best part about Ease of Access is all that it offers so easily - it is built in to the system. 

I have many elderly people ask me about a magnification device for their PC, and little did they know that in a few clicks they could enlarge and modify their screen. The feedback I have received from users has been very positive. 

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