Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The volunteers behind CReATE

A good volunteer is like a good hair stylist - they can be hard to come by! But volunteers at CReATE ( are dedicated and effective. We'd like to publicly acknowledge their awesomeness.

These volunteers help CReATE get more low-cost wheelchairs to Utahns who need them. CReATE has two new volunteers: Justin Favero is an occupational therapy student from the University of Utah that has chosen to use volunteer hours here at CReATE as one of his electives; and Jim Olive is a retired forklift technician and business owner. Jim's knowledge of electric forklifts makes him a real asset.

Volunteer Kenneth Whitledge.
Volunteer Kenneth Whitledge.
Kenneth Whitledge is a workhorse that helps us every Monday and has become quite adept at scrapping out wheelchairs. He usually scraps out at least three chairs every Monday.

Volunteer Ed Patillo.
Ed Patillo is another volunteer that is a retired computer network technician that is great at cleaning and refurbishing wheelchairs. Ed and Tom really enjoy listening to jazz here in the shop.

Volunteer Steve King.
Volunteer Steve King.
Steve King is another volunteer who is a retired artist and technician that has been great at helping us get more organized. Steve also donated a MIG Welder and shelving for us to use.

Our sincere thanks to these people, as CReATE works to expand our capacity to improve people's lives.

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