Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Michigan students volunteer during spring break at CReATE, CPD

Nine students from Grand Valley State University visited Utah for an alternative spring break, volunteering at the Center for Persons with Disabilities. They spent Wednesday cleaning and organizing CReATE (Citizens Reutilizing Assistive Technology Equipment).

CReATE before student volunteers. CReATE offers the Utah community refurbished mobility equipment at a low-cost.

Students cleaned the upstairs, braving the ladder and dust so wheelchair battery covers could be put away. Student Jordin Billinghurst said, "I was really surprised learning about assistive technology capabilities. They are so expansive, and you can transform about anything to make it accessible."

"Working at CReATE was really cool. Learning how power mobility works and how chairs are refurbished was really interesting, and inspiring to see how people can get chairs," Molly Aldridge, GVSU student

Teamwork was essential to the success of the day. Kelsey Bosiloviaz, bottom, said, "I learned how we take for granted what goes on behind the scenes - the programs that serve people with disabilities - as well as what they're day to day lives are like."

When CReATE receives chairs it can't use, parts that are usable are taken off so they can be used for other mobility devices. The students organized these parts.

Student volunteers after a day of hard work.

CReATE after student volunteers - organized and shining.

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