Thursday, April 19, 2012

CReATE is Earth-friendly

UATP's Clay Christensen pushes a
powerchair to the scrap pile at the recyclers.
The ideas behind Earth Day have implications for just about everyone, including UATP. Our program, CReATE (Citizens Reusing Assistive Technology Equipment), is a project based on the principles of recycling and upcycling.

The Utah non-profit recieves donated mobility equipment from the community. Wheelchairs and scooters that cannot be reused are parted out (controls, wheels, etc. to be used on future chairs) and then taken to a scrap metal recycler.
Larry O'Sullivan, a Sandy, Utah resident, 
using a powerchair he got from CReATE.

Chairs that are usable are refurbished using new and old parts to bring them back to manufacturer specs. They are then available to the community for a fraction of the cost of a new chair - just a couple hundred dollars. This is a great help to those who's insurance may not cover a chair or someone who just needs an extra chair to keep in the car. You see trash, CReATE sees independence.

Parts taken from unusable mobility devices are organized
at CReATE, which are then used on other chairs, saving the
community money and keeping wheelchairs out of landfills.
This last year, CReATE recycled 189 batteries (6,282 pounds) keeping them out of the landfills. Since February 2009, CReATE has recycled 298 devices weighing 38,430 pounds or 19.215 tons.

Donations received by CReATE thus keeping them out of the landfill:
· 101 manual wheelchairs
· 226 power wheelchairs
· 39 scooters
· 29 other Assistive Technology devices

If you are interested in donating a used mobility device to CReATe, or obtaining a device, call 801-887-9398.

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