Monday, September 15, 2014

United Way of Cache Valley lends helping hand in Technology Lab

By Bennett Purser

On Thursday, the United Way of Cache Valley presented the National Day of Caring, in honor of Sept. 11. They invited service volunteers across the valley to lend helping hands to non-profits of their choice. The Utah Assistive Technology Program was lucky enough to have three great volunteers join Clay Christensen, coordinator of our Assistive Technology lab.

The volunteers went right to work with Clay, building a ramp for a client who contacted us about a need to make her home accessible for her wheelchair. The volunteers visited her apartment early that morning to assess the measurements and meet the client. Afterwards they went straight back to lab to begin building from scratch. 

"We came here thinking we were going to be cleaning the lab," said volunteer Stacy Newman. "But we broke out the power tools so it was cool and she was very grateful."

Employed by Stevens-Henagar College, Newman and her colleagues Eli Smith and Nikki Godfrey, work in the admissions department. They described their work as often helping students, which led to them wanting to further their assistance to the community.
Newman said that her team tries to get together for a day of service at least once a year. 

They participated in every detail of the creation of the ramp, from measuring and sawing the wood, then piecing them together before painting it navy blue.

"We like to help people so its kind of in our nature to do that," said Newman. "Little things are what make people grateful and you never know when you're going to affect somebody's life and change them for the best."

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