Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Refurbishing a wheelchair for Dillon

One of the joys of working at the Utah Assistive Technology Lab is getting to know clients like Cache Valley 9-year-old Dillon Lundahl. 

The AT Lab has been working with Dillon since he was six, building and modifying a variety of devices for him to use in play, therapy and everyday life.

Six-year-old Dillon using a stand during therapy built at the AT lab.
While Dillon's development is normal for his age, he struggles with mobility and balance. One such device the Lab came up with was a stand Dillon could use during physical therapy to play the Wii Fit. 

This month, Clay refurbished Dillon's power wheelchair and fabricated a basket to attach to the chair so Dillon can carry his school stuff with ease.

Dillon's refurbished power wheelchair complete with awesome Dillon racing sticker.

Clay said, "It is fun to be part of Dillon's life - we get to know people in the community, and we just feel lucky we are the ones getting them the assistive technology they need to continue to live independently."

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