Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apps database by Tools for Learning Georgia

The wait is over for a database of disability and educational related apps: http://www.gatfl.org/appreview/. The website is by the Georgia AT program, Tools for Learning. The database allows a search by disability/educational topic, cost and device type. A great resource for teachers and parents.

Effective Practices Conference 2012

During Utah State University's Effective Practices Conference, special education teachers from across the state visited the Assistive Technology Lab. Here, teachers learned about the computer lab that features accessible software and devices.
They learned about UATP services, as well as were given a tour of the AT Lab by Clay Christensen, lab coordinator.
Some of the unique devices built in the AT Lab were shown to the teachers. We can't wait to do it again next year!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Modified Walker

The Assistive Technology Lab modified a walker to fit a 7-foot tall individual from Brigham City. Such projects that are so individualized and unique are why the AT Lab exists - something that could not otherwise be acquired from the commercial market.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fast Facts About UATP

1. What is the interest rate on UATF loans to purchase assistive technology? Half of current prime interest rate. Currently, this is 1.63 percent.
2. What does UATF stand for? Through what bank do we work with? The Utah Assistive Technology Foundation, which provides funding opportunities for Utahns with disabilities to buy assistive technology. Zion’s Bank partners with UATF to provide low-interest loans.
3. What year did the Utah Assistive Technology Program begin? 1989
4.  What is UATP’s website URL? www.uatpat.org
5. What is UATP’s blog URL? What is the purpose of the blog? Utahatprogram.blogspot.com – the blog provides up-to-date news, stories, resources, and archived training videos relating to assistive technology and the UATP.
6. What are the main services provided by the AT Lab? 1) Development and research, 2) Maintenance and repair, 3) Demonstrations and training and 4) Fabrication of assistive technology.
7. Do people have to pay for mobility devices from CReATE? How much? Yes, it is the cost of refurbishment which includes cleaning, repairs, and if needed, new batteries. The cost usually ranges between $250 and $500.
8.  True or False. UATF provides small business loans to individuals with disabilities. True. UATF partners with the Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund to provide up to $25,000 for small business loans for Utahns with disabilities to expand or start a small business. 
9.  UATP provides loans and grants for iPads. How much, who qualifies and how do they get one? Loans are a minimum of $500 and Utahns with disabilities may qualify for it. Grants are a maximum of $250, and Utahns with disabilities qualifying at 150% of the poverty level may be eligible. Also, an evaluation of the individual by a qualified professional is  required. For loans and grants, individuals should contact the Utah Assistive Technology Foundation.
10. What are the four main components of services provided by UATP? Device Reutilization, training and demonstrations of AT, funding, and fabrication of AT via the AT Lab.
11. Name three of the many social networks (aside from the blog) that UATP is on. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon.
12. A client wants to borrow an AT device. Where can they get it? If they are within a reasonable distance from the AT Lab, they have a small loan bank of devices. If they are in the Wasatch Front area, UCAT (Utah Center for Assistive Technology in SLC), provides this service. Statewide, Centers for Independent Living have a wide variety of devices that can be borrowed.
13. UATP provides online trainings about AT. Where are those archived? UATP’s YouTube channel (utahATprogram), and UATP’s blog (archived training tab).
14. Can CReATE pick-up a donated wheelchair? Yes, as a last resort. Because our CReATE technician has limited time to do this, it is best if the person can bring it to CReATE.