Friday, June 7, 2019

UATP prepares boy for summer fun (and therapy)

action photo of boy smiling on therapeutic trike
Kobe tries out his new trike

ROOSEVELT—Thanks to a donated, therapeutic trike, 7-year-old Kobe will be able to work on therapy and hang out with siblings and friends, all at the same time.

Kobe’s doctor recommended that he do some bike riding to help build up his leg strength and work his hips. He has a rare genetic condition called CDG-PMM2, and it affects his muscles, brain and balance, so a therapeutic trike was a good—but expensive—fit. (A quick google search for therapeutic trikes netted several examples, starting at $1000.)

“We needed something that had a seat back and seat belts and something that could snap his feet in,” said his mother, Raquel Labrum.

She talked to Utah Assistive Technology Program coordinator Cameron Cressall. They began looking into options. Then Cameron learned a therapeutic trike had been donated to UATP. He picked it up, did a little cleaning and refurbishing, and called Kobe’s family out to see how it would work for them. 

“He rode it when we got it that day,” said Raquel. Then they took it home and he rode it some more at his dad’s work. “He’s very social and he likes to play with friends, so this will give him another tool that he can use.”

Mother pushes the boy, who is wearing a seat belt. His foot pedals are strapped to his feet.
Kobe and Raquel

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