About UATP

The Utah Assistive Technology Program (UATP) gets assistive technology (AT) into the hands of people who need it. Our goal is to help people use technology to be more independent in education, employment, and community settings.

The UATP is a federally-funded program serving individuals with disabilities of all ages in Utah and the intermountain region. Our job is to provide assistive technology devices and services as well as train university students, parents, children with disabilities and professional service providers about assistive technology. We coordinate our services with community organizations and others who provide independence-related supports to individuals with disabilities.

What is assistive technology?
Assistive technology is any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Simply stated, assistive technology includes tools, devices and resources used by individuals with disabilities to help improve their quality of life and increase their independence.

Categories of Assistive Technology:
Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Aids to Daily Living (ADL)
Electronic Aids to Daily Living
Home and Worksite Modifications
Job Accommodations
Seating and Positioning
Vision and Hearing Aids
Wheeled Mobility Aids
Vehicle Modification
Recreational Aids

About Us:
UATP is housed at the Center for Persons with Disabilities on the Utah State University (USU) campus. For a map and directions, visit the CPD website. UATP is comprised of several programs:
To learn more about UATP services, visit www.uatpat.org.

Contact UATP:
Voice: 800-524-5152 (Toll Free), 435-797-3824