Tuesday, September 20, 2011

6-year-old Dillon leads team onto field

Dillon Lundahl in the AT Lab working
on occupational therapy.
‎Six-year-old Dillon is a recipient of UATP/CPD services. Dillon uses a walker to assist with mobility and is using a Wii Fit for occupational therapy, learning some cool new things. Dillon's excitement for life is contagious.

His mom, Erica, said, "At Saturday's game Ryder's coach asked Dillon to lead the football team out onto the field. Listen to all of the boys cheering for him, they are so good to him! Dillon told me it was the greatest day ever and he can't wait to be a football player like his big brother. Brought tears to my eyes."
Watch Dillon lead the team in this video:

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