Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Foundation helps Utahns get assistive technology

Assistive technology can be expensive, and isn't always covered by insurance. That's what the Utah Assistive Technology Foundation helps Utahn's with - affording AT through loans and small grants.

Over the last quarter, from December to March, UATF approved 27 loans for Utahn's with disabilities to purchase assistive technology. Most loans went to hearing aids and adpated vans, though any AT device is eligible. Loans are through Zion's bank with interest rates half of prime - around 1.63%.

UATF also gives small grants - up to $250 - to help with the purchase of AT. Eight small grants were given last quarter to buy devices such as iPads for communication needs. Grants for iPads require an evaluation by a professional. All grants are given to those below poverty level.

UATF loans can help a child with a disability 
get a communication device like an iPad.
Small business loans are another aspect of UATF. Utahns with disabilities who need AT to help them work or who need to have unique work conditions. One October loan request was approved for $10,000 to help an individual start “Enjoy Amplification” - a music speaker/amplification sales store.

Do you know someone who could benefit from help of the UATF? Find applications and more information online at

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