Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Treats, no tricks, for CReATE

Happy Halloween! October has been a month full of treats for CReATE, UATP's non-profit intiative to refurbish donated mobility equipment and make it available at a low-cost to Utahn's with disabilities. 

The press conference and open house on the 1st was a success! Thanks to those who attended and participated. Information highlighted includes CReATE's improved efficiency at getting wheelchairs out the door, a greater variety of devices available, and how the program has evolved since it's founding in 2007. 

The CReATE team speaks to a crowd of professionals
and community members about the program.
CReATE chair recipient, Larry O'Sullivan, left; Tom Boman, CReATE technician, middle;
Faye Hauser, CReATe office manager.
The CReATE facility has undergone renovations recently
to make the refurbishing process more efficient. 
Also spotlighted was the Newbie award given to CReATE in 2009 by the Pass It On Center, a national collaboration for the reutilization and coordination of assistive technology. The award recognized CReATE's efforts to put affordable mobility equipment into the hands of people who need it.
The Newbie Award given to CReATE in 2009 is made of
recycled material to symbolize the reuse of assistive technology.
Another highlight of the open house was Gordon Richins', CReATE wheelchair recipient and Center for Persons with Disabilities employee, ride in the Action Track Wheelchair. The device is built to go over difficult terrain and provide access to wilderness activities. 

CReATE got five wheelchairs out to the community in the month of October. View the current inventory of devices available online

If you'd like to donate a used wheelchair to CReATE, call 801-887-5064. Thanks to all those who support CReATE! 

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