Thursday, December 12, 2013

American Sign Language volunteer needed for a video project

The Disability Law Center needs a volunteer that is proficient in American Sign Language for a project. 
The Disability Law Center is looking
for a volunteer who knows ASL.

This past year, the DLC represented a father who wanted to be able to have an interpreter at his daughter's school production of "A Little Mermaid."  The school district denied him this service, claiming that they were not obligated to do that for extra curricular activities. They were only willing to provide a seat in the back of the theater with a flashlight and script.

The DLC represented this family and the district's policy was changed. This will impact other families in this district and will hopefully translate to other districts around the state making the same changes.

This story will go into the DLC annual report as well as the website. The Center would like to include a video of the story in ASL.

Sheri Newton of the DLC said, "We want people to understand their rights and communicate our story effectively." 

The DLC is looking for a volunteer who is proficient in ASL that would be willing to be videotaped telling the 300-word story.

Newton can meet the individual at a location convenient to them. The project should be done before the holidays. Interested individuals can call Newton at (435) 232-4269 or email 

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