Thursday, February 6, 2014

Faster than the average Ken

Ken Reid, funding specialist at UCAT.
With the Winter Olympics starting today, we thought sharing our friend and co-worker's own winter sport experience would be a great way to kick-off. 

Ken Reid is a funding specialist among other things at the Utah Center for Assistive Technology in Salt Lake, and he has a serious need for speed.

He's been bobsledding, and recently took first place in a race with a run of 60.2 miles an hour. 

"Bobsledding is going awesome!" Reid said. "I was the only one to break the 60 mile an hour mark."

Ken in his sled just before his winning run.
Reid will compete again in Park City sometime in March. While he said he's not sure where it is going to take him, he's enjoying the ride so far. Good luck to Ken in his racing, and happy Winter Olympics!

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