Friday, February 13, 2015

Sometimes it's the little things: low-cost AT

Sometimes it is the small and simple things that help a person with a disability be independent and have a better quality of life.

To make this ideal a reality for Utahns in the St. George area, the Utah Assistive Technology Foundation and the Red Rock Center for Independence have teamed up to make getting low-cost assistive technology possible.

The RRCI team evaluates the AT needs of people with disabilities in their area and if they are unable to afford the needed items or adaptations, they help the individual with a small grant application from UATF. 

One such consumer who has severe arthritis in his back and neck was experiencing some paralysis, as well as - having a heart condition and is in need of knee replacements. His doctor recommended a mattress overlay. The pain associated with getting up and moving is so severe he is confined to a bed for long periods resulting in sores and more pain. But with a grant from UATF he was able to get the mattress overlay and has experienced significant relief from his pain.

A man using the Chattervox device.
A man using the Chattervox.
Another consumer had a ramp in ill repair making the device unsafe. The ramp required welding, but RRCI could not find anyone in the rural area to perform the repair. Finally a welder was located and agreed to the repairs. Through UATF funds, the repairs will be made and the consumer can use the ramp safely.

Unable to speak very loudly and be understood, one consumer contacted RRCI to see if his voice could be amplified. He wanted his wife and others to understand what he says. After getting a UATF grant, he was able to buy a voice amplifier - Chattervox

UATF is proud to work with RRCI to help provide Utahns with disabilities the AT they need to be independent. 

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