Monday, July 27, 2015

Get Utah Moving: The Power of a Small Grant

What can $400, a toy car and dedicated professionals accomplish? Just watch this test drive to find out!

Utah toddler, Trinity, was struggling to interact with her environment because of a disability. But with the plans for a Go Baby Go car, the Utah Center for Assistive Technology helped Trinity get moving. 

Go Baby Go is a project developed to get kids with disabilities moving and interacting with their environment. Trained professionals modify toy cars to be accessible for children with limited movement so they can drive the car themselves. This allows them to increase exploration, social and motor skills. 

To help Trinity's family with the purchase of the car and needed parts, the Utah Assistive Technology Foundation provided a small grant. These $400 grants are used by Utahns with disabilities of all ages to purchase technology, like the Go Baby Go car, to help them be more independent and have a higher quality of life.

You can help Utahns like Trinity get moving by donating to the UATF online fundraiser, supported by Paralympian Muffy Davis. Simply visit our Razoo webpage to donate and learn more. Your support does make a difference!

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