Friday, August 21, 2015

Assistive Technology on the YouTube

YouTube videos can be a great way to lose track of an afternoon, but they can also be a fantastic source of information for all things assistive technology.

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Of course there's the UATP channel where you can find archived webinars on a variety of AT topics, presented by field professionals: UATP YouTube Channel.

And here are some of our other favorite YouTube channels for AT information:

  • Assistive Technology Center: Watch stories of people successfully using all kind of assistive technology. Good source for an overview of available AT.
  • Family Center on Technology and Disability: The 'AT in Action' series shows school-aged children using AT to make school and home life more accessible. Good source for teachers and parents.
  • INDATA Project: The Indiana AT Program offers short demos and introductions to many kinds of AT devices.
  • ICATER UIowa: The Iowa AT Program channel is the holy grail of app demos and reviews. 
  • LIW Accessible Productions: Channel of the DATT show (Disability and Assistive Technology Today) hosted by wheelchair user and AT enthusiast Jeremy Murray. 
What are your favorite YouTube channels for getting the scoop on assistive technology? Share it with us so we can pass it on! Tweet us @utahATprogram or email us at 

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