Sunday, December 14, 2014

Call for Research Participants: People with disabilities and DIY accessibility

Call for Research Participants from Syracuse University:

Hello, my name is Jerry Robinson and I am a PhD candidate in the iSchool at Syracuse University. I am currently doing research on the “do-it-yourself” like activities of individuals with dexterity and mobility impairments.  

Do-it-yourself (DIY) in the context of my research refers to the self-driven efforts of individuals with disabilities to address accessibility, impairment, and everyday life issues instead of relying on other people or companies to address these issues for them.  

My goal is to draw people’s attention to the issues that surround the utilization and modification of objects by people with disabilities. I also hope to help paint a picture of disability that reflects resourcefulness, creativity, and independence.

All participants will be asked to fill out a brief online questionnaire and meet with me for two separate 60-90 minute face-to-face, telephone, or Skype interviews. During the interviews I will ask general questions about the participant's everyday life and specific questions about the various tools, tips, tactics, and solutions he or she has adopted, adapted, or created in order to take part in everyday life activities. 

An gift code will be emailed to everyone who participates in this study.

I welcome the opportunity to learn more about your experiences. If you would like to find out more about this study then please send me a note with your email address.  I can be reached via email or phone at 315-200-2858.

Please note that this opportunity is only open to individuals who reside in the United States.

Jerry Robinson | PhD Candidate | School of Information Studies Syracuse University
221 Hinds Hall
Syracuse, New York 13244

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